4 Benefits to a Dimmer Light Switch

A dimmer light switch provides adjustable voltage to a light fixture. This controls the brightness of a lighting fixture, allowing it to fade up brighter or down to a dimmer lighting. Light dimming switches are very safe and efficient. No special wiring is needed to install a residential dimmer switch. There are so many dimmer switches out there you have to be ready to make tough choices when making your purchase. Dimmer switches bring many advantages to your home lighting needs. A room’s lighting is one of the first things you notice when you enter in. Too much lighting can be uncomfortable. Not enough lighting can put a strain on the eyes. The best way to control the lighting in a room is by using a dimmer light switch. It will allow you to adjust the lighting to the perfect setting. You can adjust the lighting for kids playing or for your reading. For eyes that are sensitive to light, the dimmer light switch is greatly beneficial.

1 - Dimmer Switches Save Energy

When you dim a light, you save up to 98 percent in energy and up to about 10 percent on your energy bill. Dimmer fade your lighting to a level that is preset. You have total control over how much lighting is used in a room. Dimmer switches give you an annual savings of about $30. When you reduce the lighting wattage, you have less wear and tear on the lighting which makes the life of the bulb longer.

2 - Lighting Controls

You can control the dimmer light switch with a knob or by sliding the switch up and down. These days with the more modern dimmer light switches, you can control the amount of lighting with a remote control. Touch dimmers give you a change of lighting just by pressing a button. You can set the mood for any room that has the adjusted dimmer light switched lighting. You can use dimmer switch lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and breakfast nooks. Just being able to flip a traditional light switch up or down for on and off does not give you total control over the amount of lighting that is in the room.

3 - Longevity of Dimmer Light Switches

The light bulbs used last longer when you use a dimmer to keep them lit. If you dim the lights by at least 25%, you will save approximately 1/5 of the electricity required. The softer the lamp fade, the longer the lamp lasts. You can give 3 or 4 years to a lamp that will usually last 5 or 6 months.

4- Dimming Your Fluorescent Lights

You are able to dim your fluorescent lights, but the effect on the room will be different. Instead of the warm candle light look, a fluorescent bulb’s color would maintain a cooler look. Dimming a fluorescent bulb will not make the life of it any longer as it will with an incandescent bulb. Dimming fluorescent lighting is less expensive and more convenient, however.