4 Benefits to Cube Shelves

There are a number of reasons why cube shelves are one of the best ways of organizing your home and garage tools and other items. If you are looking for a simple woodworking project, you should be able to manage a cube shelves building project. Cube shelves are an interesting development on the standard shelving style, but they should not be considered a replacement, only an addition. One of a range of different shelving styles which offer alternatives to the ordinary straight shelf, there are a number of benefits of choosing to use these kinds of shelves in your home.


The cube shelf is often used as a space-saving method in small room, or in areas such as the hall where ordinary shelves would just take up too much room. If you need to place some shelving in the corner of a room, or which to place something beside a computer desk where there is not enough space for a traditional shelves, then the idea of installing cube shelves might appeal to you. The cube shelf is also available in small units, which you can build yourself to get the required height. Cubes can be large enough to store work tools and other decorations, or small enough to suit a child's playroom.


Unlike the rigid straight shelf, the cube shelf is something which can be manipulated and altered so that it looks more interesting. Many cube shelve designs feature geometrical patterns and stair-style positions which mean that you could put a pair around the TV, or around an alcove. They also come in both vertical and horizontal connected cubes, so where ever you place them, they will look like an additional design features. If you fancy something more traditional, then cube shelves can also be simply stacked, or placed in recesses to compliment the design of a room.


Another advantage which the cube shelf has over more traditional designs is the range of materials from which it can be made. Straight shelves are usually restricted to woods or plastics, but cube shelves can be made from wire, wood, plastics and metals, which can be bought to suit the needs of the designer. Many people like the wire based cube shelving, as it is practical and utilitarian, and limits the amount of dusting that will need to be done on the shelves. Metal cube shelves are an interesting design feature that will attract attention wherever they go.


Everyone knows that buying large amounts of shelving will cost money. The straight shelf is very expensive unless it is home made, and even this can be costly if you need a not of shelving. Cube shelves are much cheaper, so while a wooden bookcase may cost you 50 to eighty dollars, you could get some wire cube shelving for thirty dollars or less. This makes them more practical in areas where you need a large volume of shelves.