4 Best Applications for Adhesive Remover

Adhesive removers are good to have around if your hobby is making crafts in your spare time. Different kinds of adhesive removers are available at the local hardware store. There are aerosol sprays or putty-like removers sold by the pail. Citrus-based removers are the most environmentally safe. However, citrus-based removers take the longest time to remove adhesives. Remember to always wear gloves or protective gear to protect your skin when using commercial adhesive removers and work in well ventilated places. Here are some great ways you can use adhesive removers around your home.

1. Hot Glue Mistakes on Crafts

Hot glue gun that is used for most crafts are hard to get off. Because of the permanent nature of the glue, if all else fails, commercial adhesive removers can be used to get the glue off your craft. However, because of the delicate nature of some crafts such as fabric, yarn, and others, commercial adhesive removers might do more damage than good. They might cause discoloration or ruin the quality of the craft materials. Try using adhesive removers as a last resort when covering up your mistake tastefully and discreetly fails dismally.

2. Mastic Softener for Vinyl Tiles

Tiles are usually installed using mastic glue on the home’s concrete. If you want to replace the tiles for a whole room or just a small section, commercial adhesive removers are used to soften the mastic adhesive so that the area can be cleaned before the new tiling can be put in its place. Just pour adhesive remover over the glue and give it some time to do its magic. The more harsher products take less time, but they should be only used in a well ventilated area. Scrape off the remover along with the adhesives using a putty knife. Clean the floor, following the directions given on the labels for each adhesive remover.

3. Ceramic Tiling Clean ups

Ceramic tiles are low maintenance and stylish ways of decorating your bathroom or kitchen. Over time, certain spots need to be replaced with new tile because of cracking or chipping. Before the new ceramic tiles can be put in its place, the area needs to be cleaned with a commercial adhesive remover so that the new tile can be re-glued onto a flat surface. Use caution when working on ceramic tiled surfaces so that you don’t crack the surrounding tiles by mistake. Apply or pour adhesive remover onto the surface needing to be cleaned. Let stand for a few minutes. Wipe off with a clean cloth. Wash with water or follow directions on the remover’s label.

4. Removing Automotive Adhesive

Automotive adhesives are used to attach panels and seals on your car doors or glass. Automotive adhesives are liquid and can be spilled if you’re not careful. They dry very quickly and become a hardened lump on your car that will need to be removed very carefully. Adhesive removers for automotive adhesives are very potent. Use only as directed and wear protective gloves. Work in ventilated places and keep your nose covered with a mask. Use small increments on cloth to dab away at the glue until the area is clean. Wipe the area with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a second cloth.