4 Best Materials for a Fabric Shower Curtain

shower curtain

Everyone has seen the cloudy, water-marked shower liners that scream bachelor pad. While they are a necessity for a functional bathroom, they can easily be camouflaged behind a beautiful shower curtain that you’ve found in a store, or even one you’ve made yourself. There are a few things to consider when choosing one of these curtains. Look for styles and colors that you like, and be sure to get the correct size and shape for your shower. Most importantly, be careful when choosing the correct fabric to make your shower curtain bathroom-ready.


Canvas is a fairly rough, sturdy material. It does well around water, which is a necessity for a shower curtain, and it will keep its shape and keep from wrinkling after it’s been crinkled up and engulfed in steam. There are a wide variety of shower curtains available in canvas because it is so bathroom appropriate. Canvas curtains can be found at low prices, but often times they are somewhat expensive. Shop around a lot. Be sure to choose a canvas curtain that is high quality, and will last forever. Since canvas is not completely water resistant, don’t throw out that ugly shower liner just yet. Keep it between your curtain and the shower head, or even stitch it to the back of your new curtain.


This may seem like an obvious fabric to use for a shower curtain. Although our view of the plastic curtain has been tainted by those hideous, white liners, plastic curtains can be stylish. They come in many fun patterns and bright colors, especially colors that are appropriate for children. They are a good candidate for bathrooms that get a lot of use because plastic curtains are extremely durable and not very prone to wrinkling. Even if you do manage to rip your plastic curtain, they are usually the least expensive of all of the fabric curtains, and, therefore, easy to replace.

Silk or Satin

Silk and satin are among the most luxurious fabrics. They will instantly drape your bathroom with glamour and style, turning any space into a lush retreat. They are not water resistant, and are easily wrecked unless they are used carefully. Be sure that your curtain liner is extremely sturdy, and large enough. If silk or satin get wet, they may stretch out or dry wrinkled. Only use silk or satin curtains for design purposes and treat them with care.


Polyester shower curtains are woven thick and sturdy, to feel almost like canvas. The advantage is that they are easy to clean, fairly water resistant, and they come in a variety of styles.

No matter what fabric you choose for your shower curtain, be sure to keep it nice by keeping your plastic liner, and washing it occasionally.