4 Best Paint Types for Particle Board

The cheap kind of wood known as particle board is used for a lot of things these days. Particle board might serve as part of the primary construction for furniture, cabinets or other kinds of installations. When it comes to painting this specific kind of pressed wood product, some paints work better than others. Here are some of the common paints that do-it-yourselfers use for dressing up particle board.

1. Acrylic Spray Paint

In some cases, all it takes is the application of a can of acrylic spray paint to coat a particle board surface. However, this kind of paint is often used more for less formal applications.

2. Acrylic Latex Gloss or Semi-gloss

For furniture and surfaces, a glossy acrylic latex paint can often be the best solution for covering up unpainted particle board. When choosing between paint and sealer, many of those who want to make these surfaces look good will choose paint, for a colorful and consistent application.

3. Low-sheen Acrylics

Some experts recommend a low sheen acrylic paint for wall surfaces or other particle board areas.

4. Primer

Professionals might also often recommend using primer first before laying down other paints on a particle board surface.

Try out these best particle board paint applications to make these wooden areas look better and last longer.