4 Best Uses for a Camp Axe

camping axe in wood log

If you love camping, you probably know the value of a camp axe. This handy cutting tool has been around for thousands of years for good reason.

You can use a camp axe in many different ways, usually depending on its design. Before, a single axe could have various functions, but with the improvement of technology today, specific axes have been developed to serve particular purposes. Here are some of the best common uses.

1. Chop Wood

The simplest form of a camp axe is mainly used for chopping campfire wood. Larger models can even help you fell small trees relatively quickly.

2. Trim Branches

Small types of axes, such as the utility axe, can be used to trim branches when you're out in the woods. They're so small that they're sometimes called belt axe since you can quickly wear them in a belt, which makes them convenient to carry during hikes.

3. As a Hammer

Aside from cutting and chopping wood and branches, you may also use the blunt side of a camp axe to drive down the peg for your tent, or execute any other smashing maneuvers you might need. Take extra care when you use axes this way—they can bounce back and cut the person holding them.

4. Chopping Food

Usually, campers will bring ready-to-cook food, or goods that doesn't need to be cooked. Unless you are a fan of going to the extremes and hunting food yourself, you probably will not have to use your axe for this purpose, but in a pinch, you could.

Different Designs, Different Uses

Various kinds of camp axes offer different functionalities, like pointed ends that can help smash glass in an emergency, holes for attaching ropes that can secure them during packing, or serrated edges that can help saw through tough material.