4 Best Uses for a Die Grinder

Person in safety gear grinding metal
  • 1-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-200

A die grinder is a simple handheld tool that can grind any material such as wood, metal, or plastic. The tool works by rotating a grinding nose at speeds measured in RPM or rotations per minute. Some of the most powerful die grinders can reach speeds of up to 30,000 RPM. Die grinders can either be electrically powered or pneumatically powered.

Pneumatically powered die grinders make use of compressed air to achieve high speed rotation. The grinding mechanism makes use of an abrasive or a burr to smooth out or polish rough edges. Die grinders can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are four of the best uses for a die grinder.

1. Polishing Stainless Steel

A finished product should always look good both from the inside and the outside. When working with a stainless steel project, welding the parts together will make the product look unprofessional. To smooth out the project, such as a sink for example, use a die grinder to do the job. Exercise caution when working with the tool. You may also want to wear protective goggles and gloves. Focus only on the weld and nothing else. Work the grinder gently on the weld until it blends perfectly with the stainless steel. Do not overdo the process. As soon as the weld is no longer noticeable, the job is done.

2. Removing Rust on Iron or Steel

Heavy machinery, tanks, and even your car can get rusty in time. Rust forms when iron is oxidized. If a piece of iron sheet or bar gets exposed to oxygen, it eventually rusts. Rust can be easily removed using sandpaper. However, the rust can leave a very rough surface on a piece of iron. Instead of using sandpaper to manually smooth out a large or small area of rusted material, a die grinder can do the job speedily and efficiently.

3. Finishing Woodworking Projects

man in mask sanding a bedliner

A die grinder is not only designed to smooth out metal surfaces. It can also be used to smooth out wood. Wooden projects need to have a professional look. Whether it’s a certain piece of wooden furniture or an artistic piece of wooden sculpture, it needs to have smooth surfaces. The die grinder actually works as an automatic sander. Manually sanding a piece of wood can be tiring and time consuming. If you are working with several woodworking projects, a die grinder could come in handy and save you a lot of time and energy.

4. Construction and Metalworking

Construction sites, automobile repair shops, metalworking shops, and other areas that handle metal or works need die grinders as a handy tool. There are a variety of tasks in these areas that require a smooth finish. Auto repair shops for example work with different metal car parts and may require a die grinder. Metalworking shops also require the use of die grinders especially after welding projects. Die grinders can be used to smooth out rough metal edges, clean rusty car parts, or remove any signs of welding.