4 Best Uses for a Grease Gun

A grease gun is used in most auto garages for lubrication. It applies lubricant on grease fittings through an opening to a specific point. This point applies the lubricant only where it is needed. Grease guns come in various types including hand-powered, air-powered and hand-powered with no trigger mechanism. Grease guns are usually filled with different lubricants but they are usually thick. Using grease guns prevents any grease from being wasted and provides better saturation of the lubricant in needed areas. Grease guns are efficient due to their longevity and handles with speed and accuracy when greasing moving components. There are several ways grease guns can be used to apply lubrication.

1. Lawn Mowers

On lawn mowers, a grease gun is used to lubricate spindles. To lubricate the spindle, the belt guard has to be removed. Grease fittings are situated at the back of the mower’s spindle which can be hard to grease by hand. Applying the fitting attachment to a grease gun will allow the spindle to easily be lubricated. The axle pivot grease fitting in front is in a location which is hard to locate unless you look under the mower. This is another point at which a grease gun needs to be used. The lawn mower deck pedal lift is another grease fitting that will need to stay lubricated. The fitting is at the mower pedal’s bottom; another hard to reach area that requires a grease gun to be lubricated.

2. Chain Saws

Using a grease gun is one of the most effective ways to grease a chainsaw’s bar nose bearings. The bar nose contains a sprocket that helps the chain rotate with less friction. There is a chain saw grease gun that is designed with a piercing tip that applies lubricant when the pump is pressed. The tip of the chain saw grease gun will fit into the small grease hole on the guide bar, thus lubricating the edges of the hole for the sprocket. This should be lubricated each time you fuel your chain saw with more gas. The lubricant usually lasts about as long as the fuel. This is a good way to remember when to lubricate the saw.

3. Automobiles

Grease guns are used on light and heavy duty trucks and sports utility vehicles to lubricate their grease fittings. Larger commercial trucks have grease fittings that are located on their U joints and drive shafts. 

4. Factory Equipment and Machines

Grease guns provide an easier way to lubricate factory machine components and equipment. Because of the high pressure that grease guns have, you must be trained in using one or you will over-lubricate the equipment. Most factory machine grease fittings have a ball check on their heads to prevent dirt and debris from building up. The grease guns allow you to reach those fittings. The ball even angles to make lubrication easier. Some factory fittings shut off to prevent parts from being over lubricated.