4 Best Uses for a Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is an indispensable tool to have in the toolbox. They are available at different prices varying from a few dollars for a basic, small model to upwards of $100 for the so-called contractor models. The model that you choose depends on your particular needs and uses. Often, hot glue gun owners use their glue guns for floral and craft projects, but there are several different uses for this handy little tool. Here is a sampling of some hot glue gun uses that you may not have considered yet.

1. Sealing Shipping Boxes

If you ship packages on a regular basis, this little tool may soon become your best friend. Dealing with packing tape can be a hassle, but a hot glue gun is easy to handle and does an excellent job of sealing shipping boxes. It can boost your efficiency as well. If you have several packages to seal, simply line up the boxes in assembly-line fashion, plug in the glue gun and lay a bead of glue along the inside edges of the box tops. This method of sealing is much faster than taping, and it is more cost effective.  Hot glue sticks are much cheaper than packing tape.

2. Book Repair

How often have you found that your favorite books are falling apart from repeated use? Book repair is another use for a hot glue gun. It can give those old books a second chance—especially hardcover books that have separated from the cover. If the book has completely separated from its cover, it is easy to run a bead of hot glue down the length of the spine. Immediately after applying the glue, press the book and cover together. Hold them tight for a few seconds to ensure the cover bonds to the book.

3. School Projects

A hot glue gun is the ideal tool for constructing school projects. It is handy for attaching charts and other visual aids to project display boards. Constructing a diorama—a miniature depiction of a scene—is a cinch with the help of your glue gun. You can attach your diorama elements effortlessly and securely to their base with it. 

4. Toy Repair

A hot glue gun is the ultimate all-in-one toy repair kit. It is especially useful for repairing fabric and plastic toys. It can reattach broken arms and legs to action figures. It can reattach missing eyes to stuffed animals. It can reattach peeling decals to cherished racing cars. Before you decide to toss that busted toy, try to salvage it with a hot glue gun. You could save a lot of money in the end and teach your kids a lesson in caring for their possessions.

Using a hot glue gun is a simple and convenient way to accomplish many daily tasks. If these ideas are new to you, try them at the next available opportunity. You may find that you have discovered a life-long friend.