4 Best Uses for Fiberglass Resin


Fiberglass resin is a synthetic material that is manufactured by combining alcohols and organic acids. The resin can be prepared in various forms. They can be converted into gels, films, and liquids. Fiberglass resins are essentially polyester resins, and they are used for many different purposes. They are mainly used as a casting material, a wood filling, an adhesive, and for auto repairs. The excellent adhesive properties and durability of the fiberglass resins make them an extremely useful construction material. These resins can be used to glue together materials of different properties. Here are four of the best uses of the fiberglass resin.

1. Construction Materials

Prefabricated structures are usually made using fiberglass resin. For instance, acrylic and fiberglass resins are used to manufacture prefabricated shower stalls. Other construction materials and fixtures often come with a coating of fiberglass resin. In addition, a lot of decorative materials and structures such as columns and false ceilings may also use fiberglass resins. Since these resins are both strong and weatherproof, they are often used in construction materials designed for the exterior of a building.

2. Automotive Parts and Spares

Small and medium aircrafts and carriers use a lot of components made of fiberglass resin. The resin is lightweight and is therefore excellent for use in aircraft. The body panels of cars, planes, and boats also use fiberglass resins. However, in recent times, it has been found that the resin absorbs considerable water, and therefore, it is now considered unsafe for use in boats.

Fiberglass resins may also be used to make paints that are used to coat steel structures to reduce their propensity to corrode.

3. Packaging Materials

Suitcases and packaging materials that have hard sides often use fiberglass resin. These resins are cast and then reinforced with the fabric, leather, wood, or other material used in the manufacturing of packaging materials. Since the fiberglass resin remains clear in a film form, it can be converted into sheets and used to pack materials as well. As a result of the improvements in the technology related to heat sealing and vacuum packing, packaging methods involving the use of fiberglass resin began to be used for packaging on a much larger scale. Since fiberglass resin is ideal as a packaging material, it is now also used to manufacture luggage and heavy duty travel bags.

4. Furniture

Since the resin is lightweight, durable, and waterproof, it is used to make strong and lightweight furniture, especially furniture that can be used outdoors. The resin is ideal to make patio furniture that has to be kept out in all weather conditions. Moreover, furniture made with fiberglass resin are also inexpensive. The resin may also be used inside washing machines and dishwashers in order to bind the equipment and keep it waterproof from the inside.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, fiberglass resins are also used in the manufacturing of corrugated sheets, cast and molded articles, synthetic and cultured marble, filament winding, corrosion resistant coating, weather-resistant coatings, storage tanks, doors, and windows.