4 Best Uses for Lacquer Spray Paint

When you need to do a paint job in or around the home you will often look toward lacquer spray paint in order to get that job completed. Lacquer spray paint takes the guess work out of the hassle of painting and it also removes much of the expense. Even though lacquer spray paint is inexpensive, easy to use and versatile there are some jobs it is suited for and others that it is not suited for. You will see that many folks will purchase several cans of lacquer spray paint and use it for just about everything and this can be a mistake. The article that follows will help you determine the best way to use lacquer spray paint and why it is not the best for every painting project.

Small before Big

Lacquer spray paint comes in a can for a reason: space limitations. Lacquer spray paint is meant to be used on jobs and projects that do not require a lot of coverage. A can is only good for maybe 100 square feet of surface space if you use it minimally. When you start using lacquer spray paint to cover entire walls you will begin to spend a lot of money. When you start to do this you will soon notice that buying a gallon of paint would have been the best (and cheapest) solution. Identify the project and if it is huge then select a different choice then using lacquer spray paint.

Specialty Paints

One good thing about lacquer spray paint is that there are several products that make your life much simpler. Do not go to the store and grab the first can of lacquer spray paint that you see. Read the cans and make an educated decision. The specialty lacquer spray paint expands upon the projects you can do. You can now paint metal, brick and concrete as well as plastic. The trick is to find the right lacquer spray paint for the job you are working on.

Touching Up Projects

Lacquer spray paint is often an impulse buy. We've all been there at one point or another. Standing in the aisle full of paint cans scratching our heads wondering which product is best for the job. As a result from all the choices you eventually throw your hands up and grab a can of lacquer spray paint. Unfortunately lacquer spray paint is not a cover-all product. The best thing to use lacquer spray for is on projects that need touching up. This can include scraped paint from the side of a house, brick or metal where purchasing a gallon of paint for $40.00 is simply not practical. Sand the area and spray away to cover up the exposed area.

Renovation and Repurposing

The latest trend is to reuse products you'd otherwise throw away. Empty window frames can frame out a mural, counters can be tables and doors can be art pieces. All you would need to do is use lacquer spray paint to add color and texture to complete the process.