4 Best Uses for Lag Screws

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Lag screws are durable and versatile fasteners with hexagonal heads and varying lengths, shank configurations, and diameters. Lag screws are also often called lag bolts for their deep, wide threads and pointed tips with a holding power that surpasses other types of screws. Lag screws are either driven or twisted into the wood using a drill driver, handheld wrench, or socket wrench to fasten heavy wooden objects together such as the deck framing on log cabins, farmhouses, bridges, railway trestles, and horse stalls. It is also used in various home improvement projects such as deck construction and patio construction. Lag screws are either made of brass, silicon, galvanized iron, zinc-plated, un-coated steel or stainless steel perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Lag screws are versatile screws and can be used for various purposes.

1. Screw Hooks

A lag screw makes a perfect screw hook just by bending it hook-like starting from the mid-portion of its body up to the head. Together with a pulley, screw hooks are perfect in lifting heavy objects. The advantage of bending a lag screw into a screw hook is that it is easier to remove a lag screw than a conventional screw hook. You can also come up with different sizes of screw hooks by bending a lag screw with varying lengths.

2. Screw Eyes

You can also make lag screws into screw eyes by bending its head into a ring. The ring head is used to guide inserted rope or chain for hanging and other purposes. Furthermore, screw eyes make perfect attachment points on latches such as those that are found on pasture gates. You can also use screw eyes to mount picture frames, hang kitchen utensils, party decorations, and artwork.

3. Hangers

You can bend the head end of a lag screw into an L shape which is perfect for hanging objects as heavy as ladders. A lag screw fashioned into a hanger is also ideal in holding stall doors and pasture gates.

4. Combination

You can fashion a lag screw together into a combination of screw hooks, screw eyes, and hangers and come up with hitch rings and eye latches. Eye latches, together with hooks, are ideal for securing wooden cabinet and screen doors while hitch rings are perfect securing points for tying livestock.

A lag screw can be inserted into wooden objects either by driving it with a hammer or pre-drilling a hole and twisting the lag screw in. For outdoor purposes, the ideal lag screws to use are those that are made of stainless steel and silicone while zinc-plated lag screws are for indoor use only as they easily rust. If you live near the sea, the ideal lag screws to use are the ones that are galvanized for maximum protection against rusts.

Aside from securing heavy wooden objects, lag screws can also be used for masonry by meshing the lag bolt thread together with the metal lag for securing purposes.

Lag screws can be bought at your local hardware store.