4 Best Uses for Wood Chips

Wood Chips are a very useful by-product of the timber industry. Long considered as a useless product, they have finally made their mark in the last decade or more as a profitable spin off of the timber industry.


The main use of wood chips has become fuel. They are used to fuel the fires of big furnaces like those that heat power stations and large institutions. They give light to the country and keep large buildings warm in winter. This alone has earned wood chips a place in many countries around the world. The huge chip machines that are used to make them, churn them out by the ton. It is a sustainable resource as the wood utilized can be from the side branches that are logged off as the trees grow. The whole tree is not required to be logged to supply the demand. The wood chips can be done in different sizes and, in addition to making the wood chips, the wood chips themselves can be compressed into logs. These logs tend to be far longer burning than a normal log of wood and three or four of them can heat a room for an entire evening.


The use of wood chips in gardening is well known to horticulturalists. Wood chips placed around the base of plants and shrubs serve to protect the roots from heat and cold. This protection forms a barrier against the surrounding air and prevents the soil from drying out in summer and protects the roots from freezing in the winter. Wood chips are also used as ornamental features in a garden for patios or for paths. They create a natural environment and are eco-friendly. An additional use of wood chips in the horticultural realm is that of mulch. Wood chips added to garden refuse make good strong mulch. Wood chips decay in the mulch and produce nitrogen, which is needed in the garden soil. Plants thrive where there is available nitrogen and will be nice and green. When you are going to be using mulch, make sure it is well aged, as freshly made mulch will not work well. It needs to go through an aging process to break down properly.

School Yards

Wood chips are used in school yards and playgrounds as a ground covering material surrounding things like jungle gyms and swing sets to provide a softer landing should a child fall.


No barbeque worth its weight in gold is without wood chips from special wood to provide flavor to the meat. Wood chips are essential when smoking meat. By soaking the wood chips in water for a while prior to smoking, your meat will be flavored perfectly. When you are going to smoke anything with wood chips, it is absolutely essential that the wood chips be thoroughly dried out and have lost all their resins before you use them for smoking. Failure to do so can cause them to catch fire.