4 Block Fence Building Tips

A block fence.

A block fence is secure and attractive. Most importantly, they are straightforward for the well-informed do-it-yourselfer to construct by himself or herself. Follow these tips, and your fence will be up in no time.

1. Dig Decent Foundations

When you are approaching this project, treat the concrete block fence as though it’s a mini-building. The fence needs a foundation that is a sufficient depth, below the frost line, and that drains freely. In practice, this means that you need to dig a trench that is 2 feet deep and fill it with gravel for free draining.

2. Concrete in Posts

To be on the safe side, concrete in the fence posts to ensure that the structure is secure.

3. Use a Level

You need to make sure that the block fencing is level horizontally. If it is not, the fence will look uneven and will not be as strong as it should be.

4. Use a Plumb Bob

Not only must the structure be level, but you need to use a plumb bob to make sure that the vertical line of the block fence is satisfactory. The small weight is suspended on a long string, which enables you to see whether the fence needs any adjustment.