4 Bookshelf Ideas for a Kid's Room

Using a bookshelf is an ideal way to help tidy some of the clutter that can inevitably affect a child’s room. Furthermore, the number of possible ideas means that you do not have to be limited to one style.

Free Standing Bookcase

Using a free standing bookcase in a kid’s bedroom is both a convenient and portable way to add a bookshelf. To prevent the risk of it toppling over, it should be of a limited height with deep shelves to provide a larger amount of storage space. Whether you construct one yourself or purchase it, you will be able to find one made of unfinished wood. This will allow you to decorate the bookcase in accordance with the décor or even better, supervise the child as they put their own stamp on it to make it their own.

Making one yourself will give you scope to take the child’s personality into account. For example, constructing the basic shape of a house and adding shelves is a great idea for a little girl who enjoys playing with a doll’s house.

A taller bookcase can be suitable for the bedrooms of older children where additional storage is required and there is less chance of it getting knocked over; however, an additional safety feature can be included by securing the top of the bookcase to the wall with a short strap.


The range of children’s desks available on the market makes this a viable option when thinking about bookshelf ideas. Obtaining a desk that comprises shelving in place of plain legs can provide a significant amount of book space as the desk top can sit above the fitted shelves. This is an ideal option for children who are at an age where they undertake homework because they can get quick access to the books they need.

Single Shelf

Fitting a single shelf to a wall in a kid’s room is a quick and easy bookshelf idea. With the range available, it will be possible to find a style and length to work well with the room. This style can also prove versatile by adding a further shelf above the one fitted. To include the child in the installation process, you can get them to paint it in their favorite color and add other designs to personalize it before it is fitted to the wall. If additional storage is required, choose the type of shelf which comprises hooks beneath them and remember to fit it at a height which is convenient to the child.


A multipurpose piece of furniture is a good idea if you need a bookshelf but other storage space is also required. A unit with a set of shelves above a cabinet is a great way to keep a child’s bedroom tidy and the cabinet section can also be used to store books, if necessary. This option will make for a more stable piece of furniture as the cabinet will tend to be heavier and will serve to anchor it to the floor.