4 Brick Patio Designs

Bricks are among the most commonly used materials in building a patio, thus leading to the popularity of brick patio designs. One of the reasons why this material is often used is because this material is tough. Another good reason using bricks is that this can provide a beautiful look. You can find bricks in colors such as red, brown, white and black. You can even find bricks with purple color. Before, bricks are often used as sidewalks. But these days, this type of material is used for decorating the exteriors of homes. Bricks are often used to design patio or porches. You can choose from many different brick patio designs. Before deciding on the type of brick patio design you want to use on your garden, you need to see all of the types of design. This is to make sure that you design your garden to what fits your garden best.

1 - Stack Bond

The first design is often known as the stack bond. This is the simplest among the different brick patio designs. This pattern is done by putting all of the bricks horizontally or vertically. This type of pattern is also easier to mount on the ground.

2 - Basket Weave

Another type of brick patio design is known as basket weave. There are 2 formations for this type of brick patio design. The first involves putting 2 bricks upright and 2 other bricks parallel. The other formation involves putting 1 brick upright and 2 bricks in parallel. Both of these formations are simple, but they provide a nice look to any garden.

3 - Semi Circular and Circular Designs

Among the many brick patio designs are the semi-circular or circular. These brick patio designs may look simple to you; however they often take time, hard work and creativity, they provide an attractive look to patio.

4 - Running Bond and Herringbone

The other brick patio designs are complicated to explain just in words and these designs include running bond and herringbone. You need to acquire a number of images that contain these designs. Getting images will allow you to avoid getting confused in the process. You can also experiment with the design of your patio by combining different colored bricks.

Most of the time, these are cemented on the ground using cement. However, all the types of brick patio designs discussed can also be laid on the ground without using cement. This type of mounting is not often done, but it is also effective. Such method will allow you to save money just to get a beautiful design. Besides, if you decide that you want to rearrange the bricks, you can easily do so.