4 Car Substitutions for a Phillips Head Screwdriver

Phillips drill bit next to pile of screws

While your car repair might call for a Phillips head screwdriver, you may not always have one around when you need it. While this tool is harder to find replacements for than a flat head, there are still a few options that you might find hanging out in your car. Here are some substitutions for you to grab onto next time you need a Phillips.

1. Soda Can Tab

You may already have a soda can in your car, whether on the floor or in the cup holder. You can remove the tab on the top of the can and convert into a makeshift screwdriver. Use the corner and insert it into the screw. Then hold onto the tab and twist like normal. Be careful as there may be sharp edges present.

2. Thin Keys

keys on a key ring

While you may not be able to use a double-sided car key as a Phillips screwdriver, you could use a thin key as one. This might be your mail key or anything else that isn't very bulky. You should have a full key ring to choose from, so something is bound to work.

3. Zippers

If you have a car manual or CD case with a zipper on it, you may be able to use the zipper as a small screwdriver. This may be hard to control, but it is an option under the right circumstances.

4. Plastic Pen Lids

If you have some plastic pens sitting around, their lids might work as well. Use the long part that normally secured the pen to a shirt. If the plastic is thick enough, it should work just fine.