4 Causes of a Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid leaks can become increasingly common as your vehicle becomes older and wear and tear increases. Fluid leaks can result from many different causes, most commonly with faulty installation and broken seals. Here is a list of the most common problems that can cause a transmission fluid leak.

1. Broken Seals

Seals on your transmission are exposed to high temperatures while the vehicle operates, so they experience a huge amount of wear and tear. Because they are made of rubber or metal, they can break down, causing fluid to leak. If the pan seal cracks, the fluid will leak out.

2. Cracked Fluid Line

Transmission fluid runs through a line made of aluminum or steel. In general, it is very durable, but regular exposure to debris and heat can cause cracking or breaking to the line over time.

3. Leaky Pump

The pump is a common source of leaks. As the pump propels fluid to the entire system, a single crack on the body of the pump can cause a transmission fluid leak.

4. Faulty Installation

In some cases, faulty installation within the transmission system pan can cause leaking. You will need to consult with a mechanic who can check the bolts for the loose pan to avoid potential problems and further transmission fluid leaks.

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