4 Common Dimension Lumber Measurements and Their Uses

When you go to buy dimension lumber you generally already have a project in mind to use the lumber. You have specific needs and therefore are going to purchase specific sizes and types of lumber to complete it. If you have never done any DIY projects and are unfamiliar with the terminology and the sizing of lumber we are going to educate you. We will also go through the sizes of some of the lumber and what they are generally used for in construction.

Common Sizes for Framing

When it comes to framing out a room or house. Remodeling and building projects, one of your more commonly used sizes is going to be a 2x4. This is used to frame walls, cabinets,and even helping with the ceilings. 1 x 2s are another widely used framing tool. Both of these sizes are used to help the project take on its shape. 4x4s and 6x6s are used as studs to nail the wall boards to. You are going to find these two sizes in almost any cutaway you would do to look inside your home. They can also be used to build small tables, as legs, and for putting up outdoor canopies. Framework for holding up latticework and also for helping support your mailbox if it is mounted on a wooden pole.

Sizes for Larger Jobs

6x12  boards are used in the flooring and ceiling type projects. When you have the flooring joists you are usually looking at either a 6x12 or and 8x12 board that is sitting on its edge making a good sturdy surface to nail your sub flooring to. Another good example is a 4x4 and 6x6 that are used in corners and framing in heavy duty areas. If you are building an overhang or build on to your roof, you would want to have a couple of 6x6s holding up the corners. You can mount these on a concrete slab with a metal bracket that goes around the bottom and holds it in place and keep it from rotting.

Hardwood Flooring

Dimensional lumber can also be bought for hardwood floors. Usually has to be special ordered because of the type of wood. However you have use planks of pine as you get in the lumber store. These can be laid down on the sub flooring that you have already put down then made into a beautiful floor. Most people buy their flooring all ready done and just install it, but some people still buy the rough lumber and make it into a floor. In these cases the knots in the pine planks can make it more appealing. You just have to make sure there are no voids in the plank.

Wall Paneling

Using wide, narrow, or in between sizes of planks on your walls can add an appeal and is used a lot in today's rustic look homes. The sizes you would see here are the 6x12 or 8x12. The wider planks giving it a more finished look. 

These are just a few of the uses that you will find for dimensional lumber. Mostly your imagination is your limit.