4 Common Prefab Fireplace Problems to Avoid

modern living room with stone fireplace

A prefab fireplace is the newest innovation to hit the fireplace industry. Also known as a factory-built fireplace, the prefab fireplace is built and set up in the factory, unlike the traditional ones built in your own home. All you need to do with a prefab fireplace is install it inside your home. However, you might want to consider a couple of things about purchasing a prefab fireplace.


Most of the prefabricated fireplaces being sold in the market right now are built specifically as a system. That means that the fireplace and the chimney are both designed so that they work exactly together. This can pose a real problem when your fireplace or your chimney gets destroyed after a few years.

How do you get a replacement for your unit if there’s no compatible fireplace or chimney for the one that you have? This is why before you purchase a prefabricated fireplace, you need to make sure to ask the sales associate if you can purchase replacement parts.

Fire Hazards

The risk of fire is one important reason why you need to follow installation procedures properly. Most prefabricated fireplaces require that there should be at least two inches of clearance between the chimney components and any wooden material. You don't want the wooden material that you install so close to the chimney that it will dry up and catch fire in the process. Always keep any combustible material at a safe distance.