Finding a Non-Toxic Material for Your Shower Curtain

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Vinyl and plastic curtains are among the most popular types of shower curtains, but fabric, polyester, and an environmentally friendly material called Ecoprene are better choices for your health. Studies have shown that plastic and vinyl curtains contain phthalates, which have been shown to cause liver and central nervous system damage.

Ecoprene is a chlorine-free, non-toxic shower curtain. It's made from 100-percent EVA vinyl. EVA vinyl is manufactured without chlorine, making it a vinyl shower curtain of choice for those concerned with maintaining a green household.

Both vinyl and Ecoprene vinyl shower curtains are treated in the manufacturing process with a biocide that makes them mold and mildew resistant. When cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of soap scum, you’ll find mold or mildew on the curtain.

Fabric is always a popular choice. When paired with a vinyl or plastic shower curtain liner to prevent soap scum and water spots, fabric curtains lend an elegance that is not possible with vinyl or plastic.

Shower Curtain Materials

Ecoprene is a 100% EVA vinyl material made without chlorine. It is non-toxic, unlike traditional vinyl. Fabric curtains, made of any fiber are generally non-toxic. Vinyl and plastic contain phthalates, which are chemical substances used to make plastics soft and flexible. They have been linked to liver damage.