4 Common Washer Dryer Problems

Even minor washer dryer problems can be disruptive to your entire household, preventing you from undertaking necessary laundry tasks and even crating dangerous situations in your home. This will create the need for an immediate repair, which will be easier to achieve when you are aware of some common problems that can arise with the appliance.

1 – Door Doesn’t Open

In the event that the door does not open after completion of a cycle, the washer dryer problems are often caused by an inability to drain. To protect against water damage, many washer dryers will automatically lock if it detects that water remains in the drum. Even if you are unable to see any water in the drum, there may still be water in the pipes from which water drains. Attempt to drain the water by turning the machine to the spin cycle to force the water out. If this does not work, you will need to drain the machine manually. Have a large bucket or tub to hand to drain the waste water into. Check the instruction manual, but you will find the necessary pipe at the rear or base of the machine. Holding the empty vessel immediately below it, remove the end of the pipe and hold it in the container until the water stops.

2 – Failure to Start

The failure of the appliance to start at all can be one of the most worrying washer dryer problems. However, this may often just be due to the door not being closed properly. Try opening and closing the door to see if this makes a difference. Otherwise, there is likely to be a fault with the sensor or pressure pad that detects when the door is closed. Try wiping the door and the corresponding latch on the machine with a clean cloth before testing it again. It is also a good idea to check the seal around the door to ensure that it has not sustained any damage.

3 – Excessive Vibrations

The appliance will be subject to a certain amount of movement, but washer dryer problems can result if the vibrations become too heavy. Where this is the case, check that the floor below the appliance remains level. In some cases, you may not recognize that the floor is deteriorating below the floor covering. If you find that this has occurred, the floor will need to be replaced. Alternatively, check that the feet of the machine are properly aligned and fitted properly.

4 – Automatic Switch Over

Washer dryer problems can occur when it has been set to automatically switch the dryer on after the wash cycle, but fails to do so. Where this is the case, it may be due to water remaining in the drum or the waste pipe that has failed to drain properly. Attempt to flush it out by running the spin cycle again before restarting the dryer. If this does not work, it will be necessary to manually drain the water by unhooking the pipe and letting the water flow into a container.