4 Creative Nursery Decorating Ideas

Decorating a nursery for a new baby may be overwhelming, but not impossible or overly expensive. All you need is a bit of creativity and basic planning. The nursery will be the room fully dedicated to the newborn and it therefore needs to have three main areas: a place for the child to sleep, a place where to change the child and an area where to feed and hold the child. The rest of the decoration is up to your inspiration and mood.

1. Color

After having decided where the crib, the changing table and the area where you will be feeding the baby are to be set, the first thing to do is to decide on the color of the room. Although such rooms are generally decorated in pastel colors, there is also a variety of themes from which to choose, such as princess and fairy tale themes for girls and sports or pirate themes for boys. However, if you are interested in pastel colors you can always spice them up by the use of stencils. If you take into consideration the most popular colors (baby blue, pink and yellow) you can always use stencil designs to create some fun colors. Stencils are easy to find over the internet and they come at a cheap price and in a variety of styles, such as butterflies, ladybirds, moons and stars, balls and even letters. Moreover, such stencils are easy to match up with the rest of the furniture. If, for example, you use a red ladybird stencil for your wall you can always use a crib and a changing table that may have hints of red in them. However, if you want to go the short way and avoid the hassle of painting through the stencils yourself you can always use wall decals, which are easy to peel and stick to the wall.

2. Sleeping Area

A basic sleeping area will have the crib in it, which ideally should be at a distance from windows to avoid direct sunlight and breezes, and yet somewhere close to the door so you won’t have to tip toe a long distance to get to it. To avoid tiptoeing consider adding carpets that muffle the sound of footsteps. Nowadays carpets come with a variety of prints, so it will be easy to match it to your wall decoration. Try to keep the crib area as simple as possible for the child’s safety. Cushions, pillows and soft toys can be added somewhere else in the room. Since babies sleep a lot you should consider adding curtains and blinds to your window. Here, too, fun colors can be added, so consider using complementary colors to implement a bit of change in the room.

3. Changing Table

In the changing area you will have your changing table. To avoid overcrowding your room, consider using a changing table that is also a dresser. These come in a variety of colors and prints, but you would always want to match them with the rest of your furniture. Think about buying a white changing table and then add stencils or decals that match the wall decoration or wall color. If you opt for a dresser changing table you will also have enough storage space for you to facilitate changing the baby in new clothes. However, if you really are limited with space consider buying a crib that comes with an attached changing table.

The feeding and holding zone will need a comfortable seating for the adult and a small side table, which comes in handy to rest your bottle on it. You can match you side table with the changing table and crib. However, more emphasis should be laid on the choice of seating for yourself. Consider buying a rocking chair that will be ideal when holding the baby and trying to put it to sleep. The motion of the rocking chair will be a perfect movement for the adult and child to bond in a peaceful way.

4. Fun Mobiles

This room is all about the baby’s comfort and enjoyment, so consider adding some fun mobiles. This can be another way to complement the ongoing theme of your room. Since these come at a cheap price and in millions of shapes it will not be difficult to find small mobiles that reflect the decoration of your walls. Use a fishing line to hang them from the sealing so you won’t have trouble when the child learns to stand up. These mobiles can be further enhanced by the use of strings of light, which will create shadows as the mobiles rotate. Additionally, strings of light can help create a soft and dreamy atmosphere, but to do so you will obviously need to use low watt bulbs. Keep in mind that nowadays light bulbs also come in an assortment of pastel colors, which will certainly help to create the desired effect in the room.

These are a few of the most creative and popular ideas with which you can decorate a nursery. To decorate your room with fun colors and objects you do not need to be an expert, since function and form can be easily attained with these small tips.