4 Creative Plywood Ceiling Ideas

plywood ceiling

If you are considering a new ceiling, why not make it a plywood ceiling? Not only is it affordable, but it also offers many different options. Whether you use plywood sheets or pre-cut squares, you can complete your ceiling faster than if you made it from any other material. Here are a few ideas to consider when installing a plywood ceiling.

Selecting Your Plywood

When you buy the plywood, make sure it is all the same grain and cut. It has to match. There are several different varieties of plywood. Rough-hewn pine is a beautiful cut. Marine plywood, with its fiber finish, is as well.

Different Finishes

Your imagination is the only thing that can hold you back here. If you have panels with a highly-visible grain, a semigloss finish will make them match up well. So will a herringbone pattern. This gives the room a warm look.

You can also stain plywood, using different colors to make the wood look like mahogany or maple. Another good way to enhance the look of the plywood is to bleach it with hydrogen peroxide and then apply a satin finish. Doing so lends the appearance of fine, wood paneling.

Different Textures

The final thing you can do to enhance the appearance of plywood is to work with textures or highlights. You can install the panels with a gap between them to accent the color underneath them, or you can fill those gaps with strips of wood. If you paint the panels, you can create contrast by leaving the wooden border unpainted or painting it a different color.

You can either buy the panels that have ridges cut into them or the ones with beveled edges. The latter gives a more polished look to the wood. You can also choose between a "V" cut and a tongue-and-groove cut.


However you choose to treat your plywood panels, always make sure you get enough to do the entire ceiling and have a little bit extra for any mistakes you might make. Using plywood can make your ceiling look like fine hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Make sure you have help installing them, as these sheets are cumbersome. You might have to cut a few of them to fit along the edges, as not many rooms are truly square.