4 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Christmas Lights

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There are many creative ways to recycle old Christmas lights once the Christmas season is over. The 4 ideas below will give you a chance to create pieces of art that express your creativity while reusing material that would otherwise sit unused or even get thrown away.

Use Christmas Lights for a Child's Bedroom

Stringing Christmas lights up around your child's bedroom is a great way to reuse them. Because the lights come in many different colors it makes them easier to match to the decor of the room. Use white or single color strands for a contemporary warm glow in the room and try multi-colored lights for a bit of pizazz and interest. You may also consider using lights that twinkle or sparkle to provide whimsy and entertainment. Make sure to hang the lights high enough that your child won't be able to reach them, since they could pose a choking hazard if placed too low on the wall. The best place to mount the lights is about 2 inches from the ceiling as a border for the room.

Use Christmas Lights as an Alternative to Candles

Another idea for recycling old Christmas lights is to use them as an alternative to candle light. String a strand of lights through an old basket or container and create the warmth of light without the hassle of lighting candles. You could also use them as an accent piece behind pictures or other collectibles to create a romantic, sophisticated glow and to showcase your valuable items.

Consider Battery Operated Christmas Lights as Mood Lighting

For a unique twist on mood lighting for a romantic evening or dinner consider using a battery operated strand of Christmas Lights. Using battery operated lights allows for more versatility since you can string them around a table or use them on chairs without having to worry about having a light socket to plug them into. Try putting a strand of the lights into a beautiful vase with glass marbles or pebbles to create a centerpiece for a tablescape. The glow will set the mood while being an interesting conversation piece.

Recycle the Christmas Lights at a Wedding or Party

Use strands of Christmas lights as the lighting at a wedding or party. The ambiance will be warm and inviting with the soft light that the bulbs give off. String them around the room or use them to light the isles at the ceremony. Christmas lights that are of a single color like blue, purple, red or white lend themselves well to a party's color scheme. A wedding or party would also be a great opportunity to use battery operated Christmas lights around tables to highlight the place settings and tablescapes.

Although Christmas may be over, the lights of the season can still be used and recycled into warm mood lighting, sophisticated table accents or as a touch of whimsy in a child's room.