4 Decorating Tips for Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains supply optimal natural light and secure the privacy of one’s kitchen or bathroom. Hanging from the center of the window, they define the theme and décor of the room. Café curtains come in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns, but they don’t necessarily fit the tastes of all people. Here are some tips for enhancing the appearance of café curtains that may work for diverse decorating styles.

Curtain Rods

Brass or spring-loaded rods with simple finial may be used in more traditional homes. The spring-loaded rods are made to fit the window frame, with the rod not visible through the curtain’s pocket. Hanging by small sized brackets, the brass rods are more visible as the finals show.

From these rods, you may hang café curtains that are scalloped with lace. You may also top the windows with cornices or toppers that match them well. An arrow, a decorative sword, a hand carved cane, a Sheppard’s crook, and any other item you can hang a curtain may serve as a curtain rod.

Fringe and Trim

Adding a trim in the main color of your room will give a stylish finishing touch to the place. You can use seam binding, twill tape, piping, or any other decorative trim that will produce an eye-catching visual effect.

Colored grommets are another elegant addition to the curtain’s top. Together with the trim, the grommets will accentuate the main color and depending on the fabric width, the grommets will make the curtain fall in rounded pleats, giving more visibility to the window.

Other popular options are gingham, checked, or plaid fabric, especially for persons who prefer the country decorating style. You can lace or trim these with ruffles in order to make them attractive, still sticking to the country theme. If you aren’t particularly fond of checks, you can opt for cotton curtains with bright colors: blue, green, and yellow. Choose curtains with simple and old fashioned patterns.

Sheer Kitchen Curtains

If you want more privacy and less direct sunlight coming in, sheer kitchen curtains are definitely a good choice. You may select fabric of any color and use it independently or in combination with some other fabric. Sheer kitchen curtains will add style to the room without keeping light away from it. You may also opt for lace if your window does not face a high traffic street.

Beads and Patterns

Wooden beaded curtains which hang in front of a café panel or alone are ideal for breakfast areas, especially if the room has a wood floor. Beads are earthy and stylish, adding to the coziness of every family room. Another way to personalize your café curtains is to use fabric paint and stencils, decorating the curtains to match the style of your kitchen. Bear in mind that these curtains will be visible from the outside: it is preferable to opt for colors that go well with the house exterior.