4 Different Farm Fencing Styles

Farm fencing is a very common DIY job, since the fencing style may vary from one individual to another. Naturally, the criteria for preferring one style to another are subject to your tastes and budget. Four different fencing styles which you might consider are wood fences, barbed-wire fences, feedlot panels and field fences. 

1. Wood Fence

Wood remains a preferred fencing materials among homeowners. Indeed, a wood fence can be the perfect choice if you are seeking something versatile, attractive, creative and yet simple. Homeowners also appreciate its affordability and ease of use. A wood fence that is properly designed, well-crafted and skilfully installed can both distinguish itself from its surroundings, as well as give a touch of class to the area. Moreover, wood fences are renowned for their long-standing quality and value for money, coupled with their ability to provide privacy and protection.

Wood fences come in a wide range of sizes, colors, types and qualities. Therefore, it is crucial to match the wood fence with the overall style of your house and grounds, since this may well result in an increase of your property’s value. Moreover, another important issue is the installation of the fence, since this has a direct link with the duration of the same. As such, steel posts are very useful in constructing a wooden fence, since other materials may easily rust and disintegrate, compromising the appearance and strength of the fence itself.

    2. Barbed-Wire Fence

    Using barbed wire is another popular fencing style, especially in the agricultural field. It provides a quicker and cheaper alternative to intricate wooden fences, and is ideal to establish control over certain entry points to lands and buildings. When fencing farmland, it is vital to prevent livestock from running away, and therefore setting up a barbed-wire fence provides a solution. In fact, animals would refrain from running away as this would entail the risk of injury at the expense of the razor sharp wire.

    Apart from keeping animals in, barbed wire is also effective in keeping anything out. This fencing style is thus very useful in keeping roaming animals away from prize flowers or vegetable patches. Barbed wire acts as an effective deterrent and gives you a feeling of protection and security. Moreover, it is relatively cheap and fairly accessible to set up, making it a favorite fencing style for many.

      3. Feedlot Panels

      This is regarded by many as the simplest fencing style of all. Feedlot panels are used to enclose livestock in different areas relative to the size of the animals. Feedlot panels are also renowned for their strength, seeing as even energetic animals such as pigs fail to destroy them. Moreover, feedlot panels are relatively easy to install on one’s own, using wooden or metal posts to attach the panels and form a fence.

       4. Field Fence

      This fencing style is recommended to farmers with many acres of land in need to be covered, and therefore it is usually sold in 330-foot-long rolls. There is a range of length as regards field fences, with each length corresponding to the type of animals which are to be enclosed. Metal T-posts or wooden posts are normally used to attach the fencing together, making it a very sturdy and reliable fence.