4 Different Tile Patterns Possibilities

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With all of the different tile patterns that are available, you will definitely not have a shortage of options when it comes to creating a customized tile look on your floor. Using tile patterns allows you to create a look that is all your own. Here are a few of the most popular tile patterns that are available.

1. Straight Lay

The straight lay is the most common tile pattern that is currently used. With this pattern, you are going to have tile that is perfectly in line with the walls of the room. This pattern provides you with a very classic and clean look. In order to do this, you can simply snap a chalk line in the center of the room from both directions. You will then be able to work your way out towards the walls. This is one of the easiest patterns to lay. You just have to make sure that you use tile spacers and keep your lines straight throughout the process.

2. Diagonal

Another common type of pattern that is used is the diagonal pattern. With this pattern, you are going to basically be doing the same thing as you did with a straight lay. The only difference is that you have to turn the direction of the tiles 45 degrees. This is a little bit more difficult to get started. However, once you get everything lined up, you should be able to easily lay the tile pattern. With this pattern, you are going to have more waste than you would with a traditional straight lay. Therefore, you will want to add a little bit more tile to your purchase to accommodate for the extra waste.

3. Brick

The brick pattern is another commonly used tile pattern for floors. This is another simple pattern that you should be able to do without too much difficulty. With this pattern, you are going to stagger each row. By doing this, the center of one tile should be lined up with the grout line between the two tiles in the next row. It can sometimes be difficult to get everything lined up correctly. Once you get the pattern going, it will be simple to continue it in a brick pattern.

4. Herringbone

The herringbone pattern is another popular type of tile pattern that is commonly used. This type of tile pattern can only be done with tiles that are shaped as rectangles. With this pattern, you are going to put the narrow ends of two tile together to form an "L" shape. Then you will continue making that pattern throughout the floor. This one is a little more difficult and you will definitely want to lay out the tile before you get started with this one. If you can hire a professional installer to complete this one, it would most likely be to your advantage. This way, you can avoid any problems as you install the tile.