4 Different Types of Chimney Pots Explained

When you look at a chimney pot, you'll probably never wonder what type it is. To many people, a chimney is just a chimney. There are actually several different kinds of chimney pot and they all do different things. Sometimes, the difference can be quite obvious. At other times it’s not so apparent. In some instances the differences in different chimney pots aren’t always on view.

Masonry Chimney Pot

A masonry chimney pot, either made of brick or stone, is what usually springs into mind when we think of a chimney pot. However, what we see is really just a surround for the chimney flue and this is made of clay. A masonry chimney pot is constructed around the flue with a clay tile liner between them. The chimney pot goes up as the house is constructed, making it an integral part of the house itself.

Because there’s a great deal of mortar involved in erecting this type of chimney pot, it will wear and erode over time and the mortar will need to be filled in or replaced. This process is known as repointing. Masonry chimneys are the most expensive type of chimney pot because of the time required to construct them.

Manufactured Chimney Pot

You can find a chimney pot that looks as if its made as part of the house but is actually pre-manufactured and fits over the flue. This is a great deal cheaper than a masonry chimney but still looks like part of the house. It might, however, need a specific type of fireplace in order to work properly and this makes it different from a standard masonry chimney. There is no maintenance involved with manufactured chimneys.

Metal Chimney Pot

Although most metal chimneys look the same, there is a great deal of variety between them. Inevitably, a metal chimney pot will be round in shape to accommodate the contours of the metal as it’s bent around.

One alternative is the mass insulated metal chimney pot. This consists of two layers of stainless steel with insulation between the layers. The idea is that the insulation traps the heat that isn’t absorbed by either of the layers of the metal, leaving the interior of the house warmer.

An air cooled chimney pot has no insulation between the two layers of metal. Instead, the circulation of the air, which can move freely between the layers, encourages the dissipation of the heat in the chimney.

Finally, you can find an air insulated metal chimney pot. This doesn’t allow the air to circulate, nor does it have insulation built into the chimney. Instead, air is trapped between the two layers of metal and this is used as insulation for the chimney pot.

Mixed Chimney Pot

You can also find metal chimney pots that combine different types of design and technology to give the best mix of heat insulation and heat dissipation. The most important apect of choosing the right type of chimney pot is to make sure it's appropriate for your particular type of fireplace.