4 Different Types of Shower Enclosures Explained

There are 4 types of shower enclosures available on the market. Choosing what type of shower enclosure to buy should be based on 2 chief factors, which are shape and size. The 4 types of shower enclosures are square, rectangular, semi-oval, and half-circle. The size depends upon your family size and the space you have available. Each of the different types of shower enclosures described below can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs as well as fit the space requirements that you have for your shower.

Square Shower Enclosure

A square shower enclosure has all 4 sides of the same length. This type of shower enclosure can help you save space because it can be fitted into a wall or a corner easily and simply. This type of shower enclosure uses glass as its main material since glass allows a view of the outside as well as gives the illusion of more space.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure

A rectangular shower is longer than a square enclosure, giving the user more room. This type of shower enclosure is ideal for an irregularly shaped space that is not perfectly square. It can be distinguished by longer side walls and shorter end walls.

Semi Oval Shower Enclosure

A semi oval shower enclosure is also called a quadrant enclosure. It has 2 ends similar to that of square shower enclosures. The middle side of the semi oval shower enclosure has a side that is straight and another that is curved. The straight side is placed against the wall with the curved side facing outward to the bathroom. This type of shower enclosure maximizes space more than the square and rectangular shower enclosures.

Half Circle Shower Enclosure

The half circle steam shower enclosure has a side that is straight and the other sides creating a curved enclosure. The half circle enclosure is viewed by consumers as more stylish and modern than other types of shower enclosures. It demands more space than other types and is not as easy to install. It is also a little more expensive than the other types of shower enclosures.

Accommodating a Shower Enclosure in Your Renovation or Remodel

Any of these types of shower enclosures can be included in your bathroom redesign or renovation. They can be installed over an existing shower or bathtub. It is simply connected to the existing plumbing, but requires an additional circuit in the case of steam shower enclosures. A kitchen and bath showroom can provide you with a comparison of the different types and styles of shower enclosures that are available. You can find even more useful and helpful information when visiting a showroom to help you determine the best type of shower enclosure for your home.

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