4 Different Types of Solar Power Kits Explained

There are a number of different solar power kits on the market, from the very basic panel that will provide enough energy to keep your mobile phone running, to a more complicated panel that will allow you to heat up your shower water, or maybe even recharge your electric car. With all of the different kits on the market, then you may be feeling confused about exactly what is needed when you come to install one of these solar power kits in your home. By looking at the most simple, and also some of the more complicated, you can get a better idea of what you want to have in your home.

Mobile Phone Solar Panels

One of the best improvements in solar power kits is the development of a small solar panel which can charge up your mobile phone. This little piece of technology can be placed on the side of the windowsill, or left in a bright, sunny spot, and allowed to charge. The solar power kit comes with panel, a battery, and also a plug-in connection which will allow you to attach your mobile phone recharger to the power source. These are surprisingly inexpensive, and can make a great present, or just a gift for yourself.

Camping Solar Panels

These solar panel kits are more adventurous, and are designed to provide power to fulfill a range of needs, from the hot water shower to the cooker, to charging up a battery. These kinds of solar panels are small but mobile, and are often made from thin film solar panel substances, so that you can roll up the panel and transport it in a back pack. Once at your campsite, the panel is hoisted into the trees, or left on a sunlit patch of ground, until the energy is needed. These solar power kits come with a variety of connections, although some do power a battery which can then be transferred where it is needed.

Freezer Solar Panels

As the fridge freezer is one of the biggest users of power in a home, it makes sense that there is a solar power kit which can provide energy to the freezer, helping to save money. This is a very expensive piece of kit as it includes a special fridge freezer which uses solar energy. Included in the kit is a solar panel, batteries, and cables linking the panel to the battery and to the fridge.

Home Solar Power Kits

Solar power kits for the home can be used to convert energy to feed many different types of appliances in the residence, from freezers, as above, to cookers, fans, televisions or computers. Some companies specialize in creating special custom kits which can be used to adapt the desired item to solar power, and then provide the necessary solar panel and accessories. These are not expensive, and there are no solar power kits which can power the entire home, so you will have to consider a trade-off between the different types of solar panels and electricity supplied by power companies.