4 DIY Ideas for Making an RV Cover for Shade

RV Covers are great to provide additional shade when using the RV. An RV Cover also will protect you from the other weather conditions, such as wind, rain and even snow. You can use some creativity and make your very own RV cover. Here are some great ideas to help you put together your homemade RV Cover.

Covering the Vehicle

Some RV covers are made to cover the entire RV. Canvas is a great material because it resists the exterior elements. This will prevent the sun from baking the interior of the RV and in the cooler or winter months, the RV will stay much warmer. In order to create an RV cover from canvas, you will need to purchase a lot of canvas and canvas bias tape. This will allow you to sew seams for your RV. The seams will be sewn based on where you make your final scissor cuts and based on the size of your RV. Take measurements of your RV before you begin to cut anything. Second, you will want to measure your RV and tailor the canvas to the contours of the RV. If your RV has any pop outs, consider whether or not your cover will also expand when the pop out is fully extended.

Pitching a Tent

Some tents can attach to one side of the RV and become an awning or canopy attachment for the RV. Simply attach the hooks on the tent to the alternating hooks on the RV and unfold. This will create a great space to shade you from the extreme sunny heat and temperatures.

Pop up Carports

If you plan to park your RV for a while, you may want to invest in an RV carport. The RV carport is sort of like a tent for an RV. It is constructed with large long pieces of metal tubing