4 Drop Ceiling Lighting Options

Drop ceiling lighting comes in many different varieties, styles and materials. One can find drop ceiling lighting in just about any home. This type of lighting looks like a light hanging from a chain that is affixed onto the ceiling. Read on for information about several different ways to hang drop ceiling lighting.

Drop Ceiling Lighting in a Dining and Kitchen Area

In a dining room or kitchen, drop ceiling lighting is popular in open layout plans as the fixture is suspended right above the table which is the center. The dining table is the main point of focus in a dining room, therefore having dropped ceiling lighting in this room puts an emphasis on this area. Drop ceiling lighting complements the kitchen’s central island. This is the place where a drop ceiling light is fixed above it, which will actually complement other ceiling lights. Of course, they will be designed to match each other.

If the kitchen is traditional or rustic, the kitchen’s style should be supported by the lighting by being traditional, e.g. fixture with wooden components or a bronze fixture. If you have a modern kitchen, use a simpler design such as stainless steel which is more common. Kitchen cabinets with a certain color that is featured matches with the same lighting color.

Drop Ceiling Lighting for Bathroom

Drop ceiling lighting in a bathroom is not common as they are usually fixed with spot lights. Some drop lighting in more contemporary bathrooms consist of a series of lights spaced randomly which hangs from the top ceiling at varying lengths. This creates a stylish atmosphere.

Drop Ceiling Lighting in Bedrooms

Deciding where the bedroom's main focus is will help in the decision of whether to install drop ceiling lighting or not. If the bed is the main point and is at the center of the mail wall in the room, drop lighting will be a good idea. However, it is not advisable to hang drop lighting if you have a 4-poster bed. This will not leave enough room for the lighting.

Drop Ceiling Lighting in Living Rooms/Dens

Coffee table in these rooms is usually the main point of focus. It is usually placed at the room’s center. The lighting fixture will be fixed directly above the table. The lighting style or material should match the overall theme of the living room.

A chandelier-type fixture will match a classic living room. This type of lighting features plenty of bulbs in either a golden setting or a bronze setting. If the living room is informal, the fixture does not have to be as traditional and can be chrome or metallic. This may feature the most dominant color of the scheme of the room.

Always keep in mind that the main determining factor in whether or not to install a drop ceiling lighting is if there is a focal point in the room. It is important to match the lighting to the rooms’ overall theme in order to complement it.