4 Easy Ideas for Garage Remodeling

Transforming your garage into additional space for work or play doesn't have to be difficult. There are easy ideas for garage remodeling that you can implement by investing in additional lighting or heating when necessary. Assuming your garage has electrical outlets, you can remodel it without the need to hire a contractor, if you implement one of these easy ideas:

1 - Studio

Many artists and musicians got their start in their parents' garage. It's the perfect place at home to make music or paint. It's easy to convert a garage into a music studio. Soundproof the walls and spread music equipment around the room so that you don't overload one electrical outlet. An art studio is even easier to set up. Store all of your art supplies in plastic tubs, pegboards and shelves and you can work quietly in your garage. With both a music and art studio, you should still have room to store additional household and outdoor items. This idea for garage remodeling will bring you great satisfaction, and you might make good money from it down the road.

2 - Food Preservation and Storage

Tiny homes can benefit from garage remodeling that gives them the tools and space for appliances to store more food. For example, a chest freezer can take up a lot of space in a kitchen, especially if it's an eat-in kitchen too. Also, if you're a "canner" or use the food dehydrator during harvest months, it can be hard to work in small kitchen. An easy idea for garage remodeling that can simplify your tasks related to food preservation and storage, is transform it into "food hub". Move all of the appliances you use only once in a while into the garage, such as a grain grinder, and extra large appliances, such as a second refrigerator. This will free up space in your kitchen and home storage areas, and you'll be able to work faster and better in your garage.

3 - Laundry Facilities

A garage attached to your home will have plumbing. If that's already available, then hooking up a washer and dryer should be straightforward. Add some accessories to the garage that are not already available, such as long worktable to fold clothes, and shelves to store laundry supplies, and you've got yourself a useful laundry room. This is a big deal if you have a growing family and need more space to do laundry. It's even better if you decide to do other people's laundry as a side business from home.

4 - Small Business Office

An easy idea for garage remodeling is to set up your small business office in the garage. Space heaters and fans work well in a garage that may not have heating and cooling connected to it, so there's no concern about the temperature while you work. This may also make it easier for you to write off that area for tax purposes, as long as you're not parking in the garage as well. It might also give you the privacy you need away from family during your work hours. Add floor and desk lamps if you need more lighting to carry out your business tasks.

Any of these ideas for garage remodeling are easy to implement, which means you can be confident in giving one a try. You can change your mind and start over without worry that you've spent too much money to remodel.