4 Easy Steps to Create a Wood Storage Cabinet

What You'll Need
Power drill
Drawer runners
Wood glue
Tape measure
Spirit level
Notepad and pencil

A wood storage cabinet can make a great addition to any area where you have a large volume of items that you prefer to keep stored away. Follow the steps below to create your own cabinet without significant effort.

Step 1 – Design

Begin the process of creating your wood storage cabinet by drawing up a design so that you can plan the look and dimensions as you need them. Do this by considering the items that you intend to store and the size and weight of them as this will guide you in respect of the measurements that you will need to work from.

Decide whether you want your cabinet to include shelves, doors or drawers, as this will establish what tools, equipment and hardware you need. Measure the location in which you intend the cabinet to stand so that you don’t construct an item that's too large to fit into space.

Step 2 – Gather Supplies

Once you have finalized the design for your wood storage cabinet, you will be in a position to gather all the tools and equipment required to complete the project. You will be able to obtain the majority of equipment that you need from a hardware store and other items, such as handles, from a decorative goods store. If you require any specialist equipment, such as a power saw, consider obtaining one from a tool hire company so that you can avoid unnecessarily buying one.

Step 3 – Cut Wood

Begin by cutting the wood to give you the basic outline for your wood storage cabinet in accordance with the measurements you planned earlier. This should include the sides, top and base of the cabinet as the backing can be added later. Lay the pieces out on the floor where you have plenty of room to work. Also, cut the wood for any doors, shelves and drawer fronts that you intend to fit as part of your design. Cut chipboard to use for the base of drawers and for the rear of the cabinet.    

Step 4 – Assemble

Use a putty knife to apply wood glue to the top edge of one of the side pieces of wood so that you can attach the top piece to it. Hold it in place until it dries to create the top corner of your wood storage cabinet. Follow this up by inserting screws along the length of the edge with one at each corner and one in the middle. You may need to use a power drill if the wood you have chosen is hard enough to warrant it.

Continue with this process for the rest of the cabinet. Fit any drawers and doors by aligning the relevant pieces of wood with the front of the cabinet and marking the position with a pencil. Attach hinges to the doors with screws and fit them to the cabinet. Assemble the drawers in the same way as the cabinet, ensuring that you leave enough room for the runners.