4 Easy Steps to Making Aluminum Siding Trim

Pile of aluminum siding

Aluminum siding trim is a great way to finish off the siding of your house. If you have aluminum siding on the external walls of your house, you might want to complete the whole look by using aluminum siding trim.

Aluminum siding trim can be placed around window frames and door frames to tie them into the look of the rest of the house. This trim is actually essential if you plan on using aluminum siding on your house. Here's how to make your own aluminum siding trim in just a few steps.

Step 1 - Measure the Trim

Measure the length of trim which you require. Do this as accurately as possible, to ensure that you cut the trim to the correct sizes. Use a tape measure to measure around the window frame so that it fits properly.

Step 2 - Mark the Trim

Once you have the measurements of the pieces of trim you need, mark it onto the pieces of aluminum. Use a pencil and ruler to ensure everything is accurate. Straight cuts are relatively easy, but making diagonal cuts can be very difficult. You will need to use a protractor to measure the angles correctly.

Step 3 - Cut the Trim

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When cutting the trim you must be very careful, because aluminum is brittle. If you try to saw through this quickly, you will shatter and break the aluminum. When cutting angles, you will find this is much easier when using a miter box and saw.

You can decide to either saw right through the aluminum trim using the hacksaw, or you can score the surface of the aluminum with the saw and then snap it. If you're working with ridged sections of aluminum, cut through as far as possible but don't cut all the way through; just cut some of the way through.

When scoring the metal you will then be able to bend it. Hopefully this will cause the metal to snap off. If it doesn't snap off, you will need to bend the aluminum metal back down in the other direction. This should cause the trim to snap.

Step 4 - Bend the Trim

Use a hand brake to bend the pieces of trim into the right shapes so that they fit snugly into the window frame. If you don't have a hand brake, you'll be able to bend the metal by pressing it against the edge of a rail. Take your time to bend the trim so that it will fit properly into the window frame.

If the trim doesn't fit properly into the frame, you will need to adjust it slightly so it fits snug.