4 Eco Friendly Ways to Remove Car Rust

A silver car

When the paint on a car begins to wear off the metal underneath can rust but have no fear because car rust can be removed. To repaint that car you need to remove the car rust first and there are many chemicals on the market that can do just that. These car rust removers are not inexpensive and the chemicals are very harsh. The following article will show you several car rust removers that are inexpensive, all-natural, and some are even homemade.

1. Distilled Pure White Vinegar

    Vinegar is a potent and natural solution to many rust issues. The chemicals in vinegar will eat away at the molecular bonds that attach rust to the surface of the metal. The type of metal will factor into how well the vinegar will work on the rust. Use sandpaper to remove any loose rust in the area. Soak a rag in the vinegar and hold it on the rust spot for several minutes. The longer you apply the vinegar the more rust that will be removed. Wipe the area down with a clean rag. You may have to repeat this several times to remove all of the car rust.

    2. Baking Soda

      The same product that helps keep the inside of the refrigerator smelling fresh can also be used to remove car rust. The active ingredient found in baking soda bubbles and fizzes. This chemical action interacts with the organic molecules in rust causing it to dissolve. Once the bond between the rust and the metal is dissolved the rust will easily be removed. You need to create a paste so that the baking soda will actually stick to the metal. Mix baking soda with very small amounts of water until the consistency resembles thick oatmeal.

      3. Soda

        Soda can remove rust from some metals including chrome. Soda can remove rust because it is very high in citric acid and acid is used to remove rust. You can saturate a rag in the soda and vigorously wipe off the car rust. This is best used on small areas to remove rust from chrome.

        4. Fresh Lemons

          The reason why soda can remove rust is the same reason that lemons can: the acid. All citrus fruits can remove rust because they all contain citric acid. Lemons work best because they contain the highest content of this acid. Cutting a fresh lemon in half and then rubbing it vigorously over the car rust will work to remove it. Another alternative is to use fresh lemon juice that is not from concentrate. Soak a rag in it and then scrub the area. This is best used on small patches of rust that are superficial. Lemon juice on overly rusted metal can work but it will take a long time, a lot of lemons and a lot of hard scrubbing.