Effective Garage Shelving Ideas

A cluttered garage being used for storage.

Garages are not known for having an excess of space, but most homeowners still need to use this area for some storage. Luckily, it is easy to create more storage space by adding shelves to pull objects off the floor and onto the walls. Garage shelving ideas are only limited to your creativity and imagination. Here are four easy, do-it-yourself garage shelving ideas that are very effective.

1. Wall-mounted Cabinets

The idea of garage shelving is to get things off the floor and give them a sense of organization and control. Wall-mounted cabinets bring not only organization to your garage storage problem, but also the ability to hide chemicals, tools, and other potentially hazardous items from young children and pets.

2. Self-contained Metal Shelves

A basic garage shelving idea is the common metal unit that stands along the wall. Since this storage option isn’t permanently mounted, it is also perfect for someone who is constantly rearranging items or moves from time to time, and although this still takes up some floor space, it helps condense a lot of clutter. People with very limited floor space in the garage should likely consider other storage options.

3. Shelves Between Ceiling Beams

A great idea for keeping things off the ground and out of the way is to install a shelving system between the rafters of the garage ceiling. A basic sheet of plywood to cover the span between the rafters will hold items that are not frequently used such as Halloween and Christmas decorations or items with seasonal use like heavy winter clothes. The only downside to this shelving option is that you will need a ladder to get anything down, which also means that you have a weight limit to what you can store. Anything that cannot be safely handled by a single person should not be placed on these shelves.

Also, for added security, the plywood should be nailed into place on the wooden rafters so that the boards cannot shift for any reason.

4. Pegboard and Hooks

A lot of garage storage problems can be taken care of with a simple pegboard and hook system. You can store small hand tools on the pegboard, drawing out where each one goes for future reference, and even use mounting brackets designed for pegboards for shelving units for larger items like router bit holders and drill chargers.

If you install a pegboard high enough off the floor, it can even be used to store lawn tools like rakes and shovels.