4 Extra Home Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

drawers under bed

Many people look for home storage solutions to find ways to economically and safely fit the objects that they purchase in spaces around the house. By considering carefully how you can best store various items that you own, you can ensure that you have the maximum amount of space available to you, while simultaneously keeping those items safe, secure and easily accessible. One of the most important places to consider extra home storage solutions for is your bedroom. Read on for a few ideas.

1. Make Use of the Bed

In most bedrooms, the largest item or piece of furniture is the bed. In many cases, the bed takes up a huge portion of the bedroom and is not put to any good use. There are a number of ways that you can turn your bed into a unique storage option as well. First, you can begin by raising your bed up with a frame that has space underneath it. That space can be used to store boxes, clothes, or other items as well. You can purchase a frame that contains drawers in the base as well.

2. Shelving Additions

By adding more shelves to your bedroom walls, you not only provide a focal point and a place to display items like pictures and artwork, but you also increase the amount of space that you have to use as storage in the room as well. When adding shelves, consider places where they will be easily accessible, and don't place shelves in areas that are difficult to reach. Do not overload shelves with too much weight either, as this may cause items to fall and break.

a child's bedroom with shelving and toys

3. Maximizing Closet Space

A bedroom closet is one of the first storage spaces that many people use up, but it's also oftentimes used in an inefficient manner. Reorganizing your closet space can provide you with a lot of additional room for storage. Consider purchase hanging drawers, or other storage units that you can place in your closet, to provide easy compartments in which to store shoes, other items of clothing, and miscellaneous items.

4. Armoires and Dressers

An armoire or a dresser can also be used to good effect, when coming up with places to store the items in your bedroom. Purchase a dresser or furniture piece with drawers that are as deep as possible. This will provide you with ample room in which to store clothing, and other items as well. Don't forget to also use the top of the armoire or dresser as a storage space as well.

In addition to these bedroom storage options, consider ways that you can limit the number of items that you keep in the bedroom. For instance, during the summer, box up winter clothing that you won't use, and store it in another part of the home. Do the same with summer clothing in the winter, in order to free up additional room in your bedroom storage options.