4 Fun and Easy Jewelry Display Ideas

You have created a number of marvelous pieces of jewelry, and it is time to think of jewelry display. You will arrange the pieces professionally and convince customers of your unique and perfect style. This guide outlines some jewelry display ideas that help receive many compliments from people who admire and purchase the jewelry you make. 

Earrings Display Ideas

  • Take an umbrella made of one-color fabric (black, white or purple are among the best) and remove the handle. Open the umbrella and place its stick into a bottle. Hang the earrings all over it.
  • Pin the earrings to a table lamp with one-color shade. Don’t switch the lamp on because the light will blind your customers. You will get a better result if you use a suitable candle-lantern.
  • Take several sushi-roll mats and pin them to the wall. Place the earrings on the mats.
  • One more idea borrowed from the kitchen: hang the earrings on graters and decorate with flowers and leaves poked among the jewelry items.

 Necklace and Pendants Display Ideas

  • Take vases and/or bowls and cover them with black, white, or purple velvet cloth, placing the necklaces and pendants on top of them. You can display matching earrings in the center of the necklaces. 
  • Hang necklaces and pendants on tree or shrub branches.
  • Make a bed of uncooked brown rice or black beans in a tray and place the necklaces or pendants on top.  
  • You may also display necklaces on beds of flowers, grass, and even gemstones.
  • Invite some of your beautiful girlfriends to model your jewelry.

 Bracelet Display Ideas

  • Take one-color gloves and fill them with batting or any other similar material. Sew the ends closed. Now, decorate the “hands” with bracelets and rings.
  • Instead of gloves, you can use tennis balls’ cans. Wrap them in pretty pieces of cloth and fasten tightly both ends (like a candy).
  • You can lay your bracelets on top of a bed of beans or place them on a leafy shrub.
  • Use rocks, crystals and all sorts of minerals to display your nature-inspired jewelry. A silver bracelet will look exquisite when displayed over a natural mineral cluster and undoubtedly will attract admirers.
  • Simply lay fine and delicate bracelets on a table draped in a black velvet cloth.

Jewelry Display Tips

No matter whether you are setting up a craft show jewelry display or organizing a home party display, it is a good idea to consider the following:

  • The golden design rule postulates that simple means elegant. It is better to avoid complex designs.
  • Use space carefully: bring matching items together in order to create the impression of variety and cater to different tastes.
  • Invest in two or three mirrors so that customers try on the jewelry items before buying them.
  • Do not forget to place your business cards on the display and invite your guests to take them freely, even if they do not intend to purchase anything. Good impressions 'stick', and the client may be soon back!