4 Fun and Easy Wood Lathe Projects

A wood lathe is a type of machine that turns wood to create different projects. It is typically small in size and is composed of a bed to lay the wood, a headstock, tailstock and tool rest. The cutting tool is usually moved by hand to achieve the desired shape for the wood and great skill is required if you wish to create intricately designed pieces. It has a belt connected to the motor to move the spindle and to change the speed, it has to be manually adjusted to shape the wood piece.

Project #1 - Wooden Beach Chair

If you are the type who loves to go the beach and feel the sand on your toes but not on your behind then creating you own wooden beach chair would be perfect for you. Get wood that is strong and durable even when wet and always remember to apply waterproofing sealant made for wood that has an ultraviolet protectant so that you can protect it wearing out to soon and the saltwater air will not damage it.

Project #2 - Chess Set

What a nice way to play your favorite game if you have made your own chess pieces. This is a fun project for you to do especially if you are a chess enthusiast. You can create the pieces and even the board itself. All you need are pieces of wood and some paint and varnish. Determine how small or big you want your project to be, know the right pieces to create and keep track of what you have finished so you wouldn’t make more pieces then you need.

Salad Bowls

Wooden bowls have a nice appeal in any kitchen especially if you wish to use it for your salad as well as mixing your Caesar salad. Purchase wood that goes well with you kitchen motif and make sure that you coat it well will non toxic sealant or varnish since you will be using this to eat food. Another fun project you can do are larger wood bowls for fruits, a perfect edition to your summer home.

Wooden Toys

Do you remember when most of our toys were made of wood and didn’t require batteries to operate? They never break and they make this fun sound when you drop them. You can create wooden blocks, wooden pony with wheels and a seat, tops, and sets like kitchen sets and doctor’s set. Make sure that when you paint them you use paint and varnish that is non-toxic since kids will be handling these toys and could possibly be placed in their mouth