4 General Lawn Furniture Repair Tips

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Lawn furniture pieces can take a great deal of misuse, which is why lawn furniture repair is a must to restore them. Once furniture surfaces endure scratches, dings, and dents, it can even take a charge on your entire decorating plan. Rather than replacing it with new ones or hiding that furniture in a back hallway or inside your bedroom, make an effort to repair the surface. Here are easy tips that you can consider.

1. Colored Furniture Polish

Mend light scratches using a colored furniture polish, which can be obtained in the grocery store’s cleaning product aisle. Just follow the quick label instructions for excellent results. Generally, you just need to apply a small quantity to a dirt-free soft cloth then rub lightly into the scratch.

Another option is to mend the scratch using a colored filler crayon intended for a more enduring fix. It can be bought at any local hardware store in the paint supplies section. Get the color that most closely matches the furniture. Rub it gently into the scratch then polish using a soft cloth.

2. Gloss Acrylic Paints

Blend gloss acrylic paints in order to go with the wood furniture’s tone then put on a thin coat using an artist's brush for larger areas. It is important to select three colors from the wood’s grain: a dark, a light, or a medium. Use the medium to the entire area. Apply the light one to replicate wood highlights in the grain. Insert more grain elements using the dark color. Cover the repair using a thin coat of transparent nail polish as soon as the paint has dried.

Next, you need to paint the dented areas using the fitting color then finish once the furniture is entirely painted. Paint variety comes in satin, gloss, semi-gloss or flat. Most wood furniture pieces match well with semi-gloss paints.

3. Colored Filter Crayons

You need to apply colored filter crayons with multiple layers just like the materials used for scratches. Allow adequate drying time among layers. In this method, it is good for dings less than a quarter-inch deep.

Apply colored wood filler putty in order to stuff larger dents as well as dings along the surface middle. Abide by the instructions of the manufacturer for the best results. Usually, you need to select filler which matches the right color, apply it using a smooth plastic putty knife then let it dry. Sand the area after using 250-grit or even finer sandpaper, then put on a coat of colored polish in the color scheme of the wood furniture finish.

4. Epoxy Body Filler

If you need to, repair the large areas and edges using epoxy body filler intended for painted surfaces or even wood fillers for the stained ones. The instructions provided by the epoxy manufacturer are very easy to understand and execute on your own. Combine the hardener and putty, and then put on to the dented area. Employ enough in order to accumulate a little more along the edges’ original line. Manually sand it down using sandpaper or a sanding sponge to go with the original detail. Mend the finish by means of applying a thin layer of transparent nail polish on the wood furniture’s surface.

Lawn furniture repair is just so easy using accessible materials from hardware shops and applying uncomplicated tips for the entire process and finishing.