4 Great Emergency Kit Containers And Bags

Having an emergency kit is vital for every household. This will allow you to have access to important items during an emergency. A good emergency kit should also be portable. This way if you need to evacuate you can just grab it and go. The survival kit itself will be worthless if it's damaged during an emergency situation, so the choice you make in what to use as the container is just as important as the items they contain. Here are some simple tips.


A Go-Bag should contain only important items you need in the case of an evacuation. These can be made with regular back packs or beach bags. You need to have important documents such as social security cards, birth certificates, checks, telephone numbers, and even cash in the event of an evacuation. Anything that can't be easily replaced should be included in this bag. You also want to make sure you have any medication, baby formula, first aid supplies, and a change of clothes in your Go-Bag. The idea is to be able to grab this bags quickly in case you suddenly need to evacuate your home.

Waterproof Bags

Flooding can happen fast, causing lots of damage with very little warning. It's a good idea to have your important documents stored in waterproof bags that can be sealed. You can find these at any store that sells first aid supplies, and with many online vendors as well. The waterproof document pouches are generally the size of a standard manila envelope and can hold approximately 50 pages. You can find larger waterproof bags to store things such as family photos and other valuables that you don't want to lose.

Fireproof Boxes

If you don't live in a flood plane or coastal region, you may want to consider fireproof boxes. In some cases you can find bags and containers that are both waterproof and fireproof, but most of the time you will have to choose between the two. The fireproof boxes should hold anything that you can't replace easily in the event of a devastating fire.

First Aid Kits

You can find great first aid kits that are designed to grab and go as well. Most of these are in cloth backed bags or plastic cases. Either way, this is an important element to have in any emergency or survival kit. Keep it stocked and fresh so that it can be used if you need it.

Remember that you should have enough food, water, clothing, medication, and other necessities on hand to last at least 72 hours. Most emergency situations won't last beyond that before help can be reached.