4 Great Ideas for Venetian Plaster Colors

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There are a variety of Venetian plaster colors that you can choose from. Some of the best places to have Venetian plaster would be the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room. Authentic Venetian plaster is made up of slacked lime, water, and marble dust. The real or natural plaster is made solely of natural earth tone colors, and for some homes may not bring out the charm of the room the same as the synthetic plasters made to resemble Venetian plaster. Nonetheless, it gives a person far more choices when it comes to color. Here are some ideas for Venetian plaster colors.

Use Tinted Wax

A really nice way to use the natural colors of the plaster is to actually add tinted wax to the plaster. It will give it a deeper and smoother look, which will add incredible charm to a bathroom. It will offer a more earthy and old-world charm than most other traditional types of wall treatment.

Mix with Stain

Another great way is to add a couple of different Venetian plaster colors with a little bit of stain of your preference. This will change the shade and depth of the plaster that you are applying to your walls without much effort.

Combine Colors

Another great idea for changing the color of your plaster is to combine a variety of different plaster shades. You do this by applying a thin layer of plaster with one color, then another very thin layer of another color. You can continue on and on until you have achieved the right color and texture that you are looking for.

Use Layers of Plaster

Combining tans, beiges, whites, and purples all in separate layers will make for a very unusual look with a variety of different colors actually bursting through the different layers on various areas of the plastered wall. This makes for a very appealing effect. It gives the wall a glazed look that finish that even an actual glaze could not accomplish.

Consider Experimenting

What is important here is that there is no need to settle just for a single layer of the wall treatment. The best thing to do is to get samples that you can experiment on. This will give you a better idea of what you can do with the plaster and the different shades to play with to come up with something that is uniquely yours.

Consider Where the Plaster Will Go

You should also know what kind of look that you are looking for and in which rooms that you want to have Venetian plaster applied. If you are considering more than one room, you might want to sit down and decide if all the rooms are to be the same, or would you rather have each room have its own personality. It is all up to you and your imagination to see how far you can go in creating an atmosphere of old-world charm and class.