4 Guest Room Creative Color Schemes

A guest room can be both challenging and fun to decorate. As it is still part of your house, it is important to incorporate your personal style, but even more important to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. These no-fail color schemes will make any guest room into a fantastic retreat that your visitors will never want to leave.

1. Pale Blue and Cream

Frequently used in spa settings, these colors can be relaxing, rejuvenating, elegant and simply lovely. Find brocade fabrics with sheen in these colors for a high-end comforter and curtains, or match sheer, silky fabrics with darker wood shades for even more of a spa-like feel.

Studies show that blue slows the heart rate and promotes relaxation. Paint every wall this soothing hue if you like, but if you choose to paint one accent wall, make it the one in front of the bed.

2. Orange, Green and White

This fresh, modern color scheme will make your guests feel like they're in a new, high-end boutique hotel. The citrus-like orange and green colors provide a brilliant contrast against clean, crisp white. Keep the colors somewhat bright, but use them in moderation so that you don't overwhelm your visitors.

Keep the walls and bedding neutral, and use brighter colors in accents. This color combination is pleasing for both male and female visitors, but keep in mind that it is also very contemporary.

3. Red, Camel and Black

These colors, while extremely versatile, can be tricky to use. If the room is overwhelmed with red or black, it can become too dark and intense for your guests to be comfortable. Try a red accent wall paired with bed linens in a pattern that uses the 2 neutrals. Or keep the walls a beige tone and use red and black accents.

These colors can feel exotic if paired with ethnically patterned fabrics and screens. Black and white toile bedding is also attractive against a red wall, and can feel extremely elegant. For a more masculine room, pair a red wall with solid black bedding and red accent pillows. The intense solid colors are contemporary and edgy.

4. Yellow and Green

For a more traditional light and bright feel, go with a classic color combination that is sure to please. Yellow and green scream spring when paired together, and they'll make guests of either gender and any age feel happy and invigorated. Since this is a bedroom, keep the yellow pale so that it doesn't keep your guests awake at night. Pair with cream colored, distressed furniture to create a room that could be in a bed-and-breakfast.

The green that you choose should have yellow undertones rather than blue. Keep it pale like the yellow, or choose a darker shade to provide nice contrast.