4 Hammering Tips to Avoid Bending a Common Nail

Hammering a common nail into a wall, can be dangerous and also tough. Nails are slimmer and can easily be bent via hammering. Therefore, here is a general list of tips to help you from preventing it getting bent during pounding them in.

Tip 1: Use Pliers

Do not use your fingers to hold the nail in place, as you can smash your own fingers and still bend the nail. Pliers are a more sturdy option and they will not bend the nails. You can feel safer about pounding them in, while you are holding them in place. It gives you better control for getting it put in straightly.

They also allow you to have a non-slip grip which is key for those who do not want to drop their nails on the floor. You of course, will not be able to use pliers past a certain point into the hammering.

You can also use your hands to a degree, but that is not the safest route to take, when it comes to hammering something in. Pliers or something to clasp then nail with, should always be used.

Tip 2: Use Softer Wood

If you can choose the wood you will use, use a softer based wood. It will be easier to hammer in and less likely to bend the nails. If you cannot control the wood that you will be using, try to soften it or the dry wall before you begin pounding them in. That way the area will still be softer, even if it is for a short time. That will allow you to do the job quickly and without risking the nail itself.

Tip 3: Use Regular Or Large Sized Nails

You do not want to damage the nails or the wall. The smaller the nails are, the more likely they are to be bent by the pounding. So if you have the options of using regular or larger nails, always use them first. In addition, always use a standard sized hammer whenever you need to use one. These will not damage the nails or walls, which would make them the perfect solution for any reason you will need to use one. They will do the job on all levels.

Tip 4: Hit Lightly & Slowly

When hammering the nails, do it slowly and do not do it to hard. That will bend the nails and cause other issues as well. So keep your eyes open when you are doing it and do not hit with a lot of force. It will go in straight only if you take the time out to prevent it from getting bent by doing it at a good pace. Every 3 -5 seconds are good, just as long as it gives you enough time to look at it from all sides.


The 4 tips listed above are for your convenience and should be followed if you want to keep your nails and hands protected. Many accidents happen every year due to hammering nails and other tools like it. So take the time and correct steps to prevent you from having the same fate.