4 High Tech Tools

Ryobi garage door opener

High-tech tools can give you more time to DIY and make DIY projects easier to complete. Here are some of our favorite recent home improvement innovations.

1. Robot Lawn Care

Mowing your lawn can be tedious, even during pandemic times. Paying someone to maintain your yard can be expensive. What's the solution? Get a robot, of course. Lawn robots move around your lawn for you, cutting the grass to a perfect two 1/2-inch height.

You can sit back on the porch and watch the little thing go while you play on your phone, sip lemonade, whatever you want. The Worx Landroid M 20V is one option. It works through an app on your phone, so you can even monitor your lawn mowing remotely.

Lawn gadgets are becoming more and more popular in 2021. Because even as the world emerges from the pandemic days of 2020, it's pretty obvious that your backyard is one of the only truly safe places to be. Self-driving lawn tools make it a beautiful place to be, too.

automated lawn mowing robot

2. Smart Garage Door

Even garage doors are smart in 2021. Gadgets like the RYOBI Garge Door Opener put a new twist on a pretty standard invention. With this gadget, you can use an app to control your garage door.

No matter where you are, you can manage and monitor your garage door. There are also many accessories, like the park assist, that you can get to spruce up this smart garage door opener even more.

3. X-Ray Eyes

The Walabot is the gadget that every DIY enthusiast has been waiting for. With this handy tool, you have X-ray eyes like Superman. Well, pretty much, anyway. You can point this nifty gadget at any wall.

It will scan the wall and connect right to your Android device to tell you where to find the wood studs, beams, joints, piping, and electrical wires. In other words, all the stuff that can get in the way of your new DIY project.

This tool will keep you from making those big mistakes that can derail even the most creative home improvement idea. It's like a stud finder from the future!

Use the Walabot on drywall, lath, and plaster. You can even use it to look for rodents and other pests in the walls, allowing you to pinpoint problems you have even without the aid of an exterminator.

man using device to see pipe behind wall

4. Cordless Universal Drivers

Sure, you've probably had a cordless drill forever. Heck, your father may have had one. They've been around for a while. But some new cordless drill designs are no longer just drills; they're multi-tools.

The Bosch IXO cordless drill is also a corkscrew, a lighter for the barbeque, and a salt or pepper mill. That gives you all sorts of ways to DIY using the same tool.