4 Homes Upgrades under $2,000

clean, modern kitchen with hanging lights and island with stools
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Renovation can be a hassle, and when you're trying not to break the bank, you’ve got added pressure on your shoulders. DIY is a great way to save money when it comes to home improvement projects.

That being said, don't jump into a home improvement DIY way above your skill-set. That's a surefire way to end up with a hole in your floor, a leak in your ceiling, and an empty bank account from having to pay professionals to fix the mess.

With our word of warning out of the way, here are a few easy home improvement projects you can pull off for under two grand. If you can tackle them the DIY way, you should.

1. See Things in a New Light

clean, modern kitchen with wood floors, hanging lights, and stools at an island

Lighting is one of the biggest indicators of a well-designed home or a custom build versus a non-custom builder-grade home. Lighting is also an indicator of era in a big way, so if you're looking to modernize your home, think about lighting.

Statement lighting can be expensive, but you can DIY tons of fun statement lights or you can simply purchase a statement light within your budget.

Try statement lights out in your kitchen and in your bathrooms and see what a big difference it can make just changing up the way light is presented in your home.

2. Out with the Bathwater

You might not be able to redo an entire bathroom for two grand, but you can certainly get a lot done. One of the first things we always recommend that people upgrade in their bathroom is their vanity and their mirror.

If you have a mirror that's mounted to the wall without a frame, the builder mirror, it's time to frame that baby up. You can build out a simple wood frame for your bathroom mirror for under thirty dollars, which is a great bargain if you ask us.

wood frame with carved patterns

We also recommend that people update the tile in their bathroom or their bathtub and shower area if it's within the budget. There are tons of fun DIY ways to stretch your bathroom budget.

If you're willing to do a little bit of your own painting, user grout pen, and think outside the box a little bit, you can have a bathroom that feels brand new for under two grand.

3. Counter Offer

clean, modern kitchen with wood counters

Countertops are another place where homes can start to feel dated really quickly. We love investing in classic countertops, but if you're not home where the countertop is bringing you down, it's a great place to spend a few grand because it will instantly add a facelift to your entire kitchen.

Especially if you have an open floor plan, and you can see that countertop for multiple rooms, it's time to DIY a new countertop or simply replace it outright. We've seen so many fun marble and cement DIY countertops recently and we love the look that they bring for an inexpensive price.

But if that seems a little bit out of your skill-set, start looking into affordable countertop options that a professional builder can come in and solve for you. It's definitely worth it.

4. A New Coat

Perhaps one of the most affordable ways to update your home is with new paint. And we're not just talking interior paint. The outside of your home could probably use a little bit of touch-up paint too, if you're being honest with yourself.

We love repainting the front door a new fresh color and touching up shutters and other wood trim outside whenever we can. It makes the house look clean and fresh. Inside, a new coat of paint every few years does the exact same thing. It makes the house look clean, fresh, and bright.

You can change up the paint color if you want, or you can repaint your walls the same color. Regardless, new paint brings new life into an old house.