4 Household Items to Use as a Room Divider

If your house has an open floor plan, you may be looking for ways to divide up the room. There are many options outside of the obvious. Whether you are looking for function, formality, or an inexpensive method, there is a room divider for you.

The Great Divide

Where does your television live? If your entertainment center is a beast of burden to your living room, try a rearrangement. That wall-like structure that has given you room arrangement nightmares in the past is now an excellent way to divide your living room from an office space, dining area, or entryway.

Turn the entertainment unit so that the back faces the room from which you're trying to separate, and the screen faces your family's screening room. If necessary, paint or finish the back of the unit to tie into the room that it now faces. Don't worry; if you ever decide to put it back against the wall, it won't matter that the back panel is canary yellow.

Divided Library

It's time for those floor to ceiling bookcases to come away from the wall. Bookcases make an excellent room divider whether they have back panels, or pass straight through to the other side. If your bookcases aren't accessible from both sides, turn every other case to face into the opposite room, so that some books can be reached from both sides. Since bookshelves can be shallow, you may want to take some precautionary methods to keep them from tipping over without a wall for support. 

Paneled Division

It seems like every family in the United States has unused curtains sitting in a linen closet or basement just begging to be utilized. Now is the time to put those curtains to good use. If the spaces you're trying to divide are narrow enough, hang a curtain rod all the way from one wall to the other. Make sure that the curtains are long enough, and hang them up! Curtains are a soft, beautiful way to define spaces and to add color and pattern to accentuate decorated spaces. If your options are more limited when it comes to hanging your curtains, try something more limp like fishing line or wire and hang it from the ceiling.

The way your curtains curve away from the ceiling will open up the spaces and add visual interest. When you want to open up the space, simply pull the curtains apart and tie them back. Voila! This is a great option if you entertain often. 

Doorway Divider

If you have spare doors from replacements, or extra closet doors laying around, attach two of them at the sides with hinges to create a folding screen. Paint them, distress them, or stencil them to match your room. They make an eclectic screen, and can give your home a vintage, or old farmhouse feel. They may be especially fitting in a home office space, or a basement where creative ideas can roam free. They may be dangerous in spaces where small children play, because they are heavy and can be knocked over easily.