4 Ideas for Finishing Wood High Chairs

There are a number of ways in which wood high chairs can be decorated to provide a finished look. By considering a design options you can customize your wood high chair to be a completely unique piece.

1 – Color

The color of wood high chairs can be changed with the application of stain or paint, which can be undertaken in accordance with the favorite color of the child.

2 – Pattern

Patterns can be added to wood high chairs either by painting them free hand or with the use of a stencil. Avoid the use of any accessories that can be pulled off or that can catch on clothing.

3 – Custom

In addition to color, lettering and pictures that can be used to create wood high chairs that are more personal to the child. Their name, initials or favorite cartoon characters are all a great way to customize the chair and delight the child.

4 – Comfort

Extra comfort can be created with the installation of cushions on the seat, back and arms of the chair, if this is necessary. These can be obtained in water resistant materials, which will make them easier to clean.